YouTube Super Thanks: A new way of earning for YouTubers, now you will earn from Super Thanks too

YouTube new feature will help creators to earn more super thanksYouTube said on Wednesday that it has added a new feature called Super Thanks.


Super Thanks For YouTubers: A new way of earning can be opened for those who post their video content on YouTube, ie YouTubers. Actually YouTube has started a new feature for content creators called Super Thanks, with the help of which those who put videos can earn more than before. The company has announced this new feature today i.e. on Wednesday 21 July only.

According to the information given by YouTube, under this new feature, people who like YouTube videos can give not only their support, but also financial support by using “Super Thanks” to the content creators who create them. The statement said that if a person wants to financially support the creator of his favorite video, he can buy the “Super Thanks” tag available at 4 different prices. For this, the minimum amount will be 2 US dollars and the maximum amount will be 50 US dollars or its equivalent in local currency. In the comment section of that video, the comment of the supporter via Super Thanks will be seen in a different color and form, so that the content creators can easily see it and they can reply or thank their special supporters separately.

Feature available in 68 countries

The feature will be available on desktop and mobile devices (Android and iOS) for creators and viewers in 68 countries, the statement said. Creators can check if they have access by reading the instructions there. If they don’t have access to it yet, there is no need to worry. The company says that soon this feature will be made available to all eligible creators this year.

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YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan said that this new feature will open a new avenue of earning for creators. With the help of this YouTube content creators will be able to diversify their sources of income. He said that this new feature will give content creators a new way to earn money as well as give them an opportunity to further strengthen the relationship with their audience.

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