WhatsApp New Feature: You will be able to find shop and service on WhatsApp, this special feature is going to be added

WhatsApp testing in-app business directory feature to brings shops, services info to usersThis feature allows WhatsApp users to search services and stores.


WhatsApp New Feature: A new feature is about to be added to the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp Business. This feature allows WhatsApp users to search services and shops through an in-app directory, meaning you can locate shops on WhatsApp itself. Actually, this is an effort made by the company to increase its e-commerce business. This feature is being tested in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Facebook Business Messaging Vice President Matt Idema said that in the coming times people will use WhatsApp for e-commerce. This new feature is like a start for this bigger cause. You must have noticed that like Instagram and Facebook, there are no ads on the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp now wants to earn through new features.

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Promotion of online shopping through the platform

In recent years, WhatsApp has increasingly tried to make its features business friendly. It has a specialized app for small companies and an API for larger businesses. Online shopping saw a huge boom during the pandemic, due to which social media giants are trying to promote shopping through their platforms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in June that the Shops feature would also be brought to WhatsApp for online shopping in some countries. WhatsApp has launched shopping tools such as shopping carts and product catalogs in recent years.

Testing is being done in Brazil

Thousands of businesses across categories such as retail, food and local service will be involved in testing this feature in certain areas of Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to Idema, Indonesia and India are very favorable places for expansion of this facility in future.

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WhatsApp statement about privacy policy

The company recently faced a lot of criticism regarding its privacy policy update. In order to address privacy concerns, WhatsApp has said that it will not know the location of the users search or its results and this information will not be stored anywhere.

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