Users get Yellow Tick in Koo App, know how you can achieve it

twitter alternative koo give its users blue tick know criteria and all details‘s Indian Alternative Koo (Koo) gives users a yellow tick.


‘s Indian Alternative Koo (Koo) gives users a yellow tick. It is similar to the blue tick of . Ku calls such yellow ticked accounts as Accounts of Eminence. Ku has shared this information that what is the basis of giving yellow ticks to its users. (Just like the blue tick is found in , Ku has created a yellow tick, it is called Eminence. Ku has told on what basis he gives yellow tick to his users. Ku told that he is Eminence, Height, A yellow tick is assigned to the user profile to recognize achievement or professional status.According to the company, the yellow tick is based on a pre-defined criteria and shows that the user represents India and the voice of Indians.

According to Ku, his Eminence tick cannot be bought. It is available only on the basis of criteria. The criteria for its calculation have been prepared in the Indian context and are subject to change. According to the company, Ku is committed to deliver it in all areas.

The platform uses third party resources along with internal research to assess applications. The criteria are reviewed every year in March, June, September and December, with changes depending on the climate. Ku may also give yellow tick off of eminence criteria in exceptional circumstances.

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What is Koo?

It is a micro blogging platform like . It is available as a website and on iOS and Google Play Store. You can post your thoughts publicly here and also follow other users. Posts from other users are shown in a feed. Here the character limit is 400. One can sign up for Ku using his mobile number. Users also have the option to link their Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and feeds to Ku profiles.

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