Twitter announces to shut down Fleets, will not get the feature of putting stories from August 3

 announced to close its feature fleets from 3rd august is shutting down Fleets. This feature works like Instagram Stories.


Fleets shut down: is shutting down Fleets. This feature works like Instagram Stories, which used to disappear after 24 hours. But now the micro-blogging website is removing it because not many users were using it. is changing and trying bigger, more bold things to facilitate public communication, the company said in a statement.

Reasons not to use too many people

According to the company, they created Fleets to be a low-pressure way for people to share ideas. With Fleets it was expected that more people would feel comfortable engaging in conversations on . However, did not see an increase in the number of people joining Fleets as expected. Therefore, Fleets will no longer be available on from August 3. ‘s Vice President of Product Ilya Brown gave this information.

said that Fleets are most commonly used by people who are already tweeting, and want to forward their own tweets and talk directly to other people. The company further said that it will continue to work on ways in which people can be encouraged to participate on . The company said that and for those who are already tweeting, our focus is on making it better for you.

‘s new feature will be able to ban users replying to old tweets

The company further said that using what they have learned from Fleets, they will focus on creating other ways for people to participate in conversations, listen to feedback and change direction, to help people better help themselves. Can.

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