To avoid fraud, make your netbanking password strong, follow these tips

make your net banking password strong to save yourself from cyber crimeLet us know some such tips, with the help of which you can make your netbanking password strong.

How to make safe and strong password: There have been many changes in the lives of people during the Corona pandemic. Now most of the people use netbanking only for bank related work. In such a situation, the cases of cyber crime are also increasing continuously. To avoid cybercrime, it is very important that people keep their netbanking password strong. Let us know some such tips, with the help of which you can make your netbanking password strong.

keep these things in mind

  • Use both uppercase (capital) and lowercase (lower) letters in your password. For example, aBjsE7uG.
  • Use both numbers and symbols in the password. For example, AbjsE7uG6!@.
  • To keep the password strong, use at least eight characters in it. For example, aBjsE7uG.
  • Don’t use any very common words while keeping your password. For example, itislocked or thisismypassword.
  • Apart from this, do not use letters in a row on the keyboard while creating the password. Like- qwerty or asdfg.
  • Do not use very simple passwords like 1234567 or abcdefgh at all.
  • Keep your password long and do not associate it with your family or date of birth. Like- Ramesh@1967.

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Apart from this, it is important to take care of some other things for secure netbanking. For example, register or update your mobile number and e-mail id so that you can get alerts of banking transactions. Do not follow any URL in the message about which you are not completely confident. If you have to share your mobile with any other person or send it for repair/maintenance, then clear the browsing history. Clear temporary files stored in memory as they may contain your account number and other sensitive information. Block the mobile applications by contacting your bank. You can unblock them when you get your mobile back.

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