The secret of Katrina Kaif’s fitness is boiled food, know her fitness and diet routine

Katrina Kaif Workout and Diet Routine, Fitness Tips, Diet Plan in Hindi: Katrina Kaif takes full care of her own fitness. From sweating for hours in the gym to a healthy diet, she follows everything in the best way.


Katrina Kaif Fitness, Workout Regime, Diet Plan, Workout Videos: Bollywood’s beautiful celebrity Katrina Kaif is known for her fitness. Katrina Kaif makes many efforts to keep herself fit and healthy. Along with following yoga, workout, healthy diet, she also does jogging and cycling, as well as eats boiled food. He has shown his fit body in many item songs. Apart from this, she keeps sharing photos and videos on social media about her diet and workout. Katrina Kaif’s diet and workout have been told in this article of NDTV. With this, she also encourages her fans. If you also want a body like Katrina Kaif and are eager to lose weight, then you can take help of Katrina Kaif’s tips.

Katrina Kaif Fitness Routine: Katrina Kaif includes yoga in her fitness routine. Also does weight training. Apart from this, her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala said, “Katrina also practices functional training and Pilates. Apart from this, Katrina also does exercises like cardio, bosu, kettlebells, powerplate.

Katrina works out every day and not just for a particular role or song. Every workout plan of Katrina includes exercises that increase stamina and also increase strength and flexibility. Apart from this, Katrina Kaif also practices things like swimming, cycling, jogging.

Katrina Kaif Diet Plan:
Early Morning: She drinks 4 glasses of water as soon as she wakes up in the morning.
Breakfast: Cereal, oatmeal, pomegranate juice and boiled egg white.
Lunch: Eat lentils, green-salad and rice.
Dinner: For dinner, Katrina takes vegetable soup, lentils/boiled vegetables, roti without oil and green salad.

Diet Tips of Katrina Kaif:
– Katrina takes full care of her meal timings.
She starts the day by drinking water.
She never starts her day with tea or coffee.
– Do not eat fried foods.
Usually eat boiled food.
She includes low carbohydrates in her diet.
She has dinner 2 hours before sleeping.
Likes to eat seasonal fruits.