Sourav Ganguly discharged from hospital, stable after angioplasty

sourav ganguly health update former BCCI president discharged from hospitalBCCI President Sourav Ganguly has been discharged from the hospital.


Sourav Ganguly Health Update: BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has been discharged from the hospital. Angioplasty was done in his hospital. The doctors treating him told that he would soon be able to return to normal routine. Ganguly’s health condition is stable after angioplasty. Doctors examined him again on Friday. He was shifted from the critical care unit to the private room. He stayed in the hospital for four days, after which he returned home on Sunday morning.

Was admitted for the second time on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Ganguly was admitted to the hospital again after complaining of chest pain. According to the Indian Express, Gaguli was feeling unwell and felt slight chest pain since Tuesday evening, following which it was decided by his family members to take him to Apollo Hospital.

In an official statement issued by the hospital, it has been said that there has been no change in his parameters since his last admission in the hospital and he remains stable. Earlier this month too, Ganguly underwent angioplasty when he suffered a mild heart attack. He was discharged a few days later, but was again advised angioplasty.

The Kolkata Police had made him a green corridor to make his journey from his home to the hospital easier.

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For the first time in early January, his health deteriorated.

On January 2, Sourav Ganguly was admitted to the hospital on Saturday. A hospital official had told that he has been admitted after complaining of chest pain. 48-year-old Ganguly was admitted to the emergency ward. At that time he complained of chest pain after a workout session the evening before and family members took him to the hospital this afternoon when the problem recurred. Dr. Rupali Basu, MD & CEO, Woodlands said that Ganguly had a family history of heart disease and was treated with anti-platelets and statins.

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