Preparation of same charger for all types of mobiles in European Union countries, will this rule apply in India also?


The European Union is preparing to make the same charger rule mandatory for all types of mobile phones in its member countries. According to a proposed rule of the European Commission, mobile phone manufacturers will be pressurized for universal charging solutions. That is, all the mobile manufacturing companies will be asked to make the same type of charger so that all the phones can be charged with the same charger.

USB-C charger to be made mandatory in EU

The proposal states that all mobile phones sold in the European Union must have USB-C chargers. However, Apple has opposed this proposal. He says that this will harm innovation. Apple is the largest manufacturer of smartphones using custom charging ports. The iPhone Series phones use the “Lightning” connector made by Apple.

Demand for universal charger to reduce e-waste

Most Android phones have USB Micro-B charging ports. However, now more modern USB-C charging ports are also coming in them. European Union leaders have been calling for universal chargers for years to reduce e-waste. In the countries of the European Union, 11,000 tonnes of electronic waste is generated every year from charging cables. Last year, 420 billion mobile and other portable machines were sold in European Union countries. People in these countries have an average of three mobile chargers, out of which they use two regularly.

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Will Universal Charger Come to India?

The demand for universal charger in India may pick up. But at the moment there is little awareness on this. Mobile users talk about universal charger for all types of mobiles, but right now there is no special demand for it. In India, chargers of Chinese companies like Chinese mobiles are sold more.

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