IPL 2020: The owner of Mumbai Indians is the world’s richest franchise owner, also included in the list

mukesh ambani, reliance retail, reliance industries, ADIA, investmentIPL 2020 Special: Mukesh Ambani has become the richest among sports team owners in the world.


IPL 2020 Special: The entire model of the Indian Premium League (IPL) has been done keeping the business in mind. This is the most expensive cricket league, in which the big corporates of the country are involved. In this one name is of Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani is the owner of the most successful IPL team Mumbai Indians. Ambani has regained this title due to the kind of boom in Reliance’s shares. He has overtaken former Microsoft CEO Steve Bulmer to number two. Steve Bulmer of America is the owner of the NBA team Lance Angels Clippers. A few days ago, Bulmer was at number one.

how much is ambani’s wealth

According to Forbes, on September 21, Mukesh Ambani’s real time assets were $ 868 billion.
Whereas according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Ambani’s wealth was $ 8830 million. According to Forbes, the net worth of Steve Bulmer was $ 6900 million. Whereas according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bulmer’s assets are $ 7250 million.

2970 crores increased assets this year

Talking about Mukesh Ambani, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Ambani’s wealth has increased by $ 29,700 million so far this year. At the same time, Bulmer’s wealth has increased by $ 1440 million this year.

This team owner is also included in the top 10

dietrich matschitz
Team: New York Red Bulls, Red Bulls Racing
Net Worth: $2750 million

Hasso Platner and Family
Team: San Jose Sharks
Net Worth: $1720 million

François Pinot and Family
Net Worth: $1500 million

joseph sai
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Net Worth: $1320 million

David Taper
Team: Carolina Panthers
Net Worth: $1300 million

Roman Abramovich
Team: Chelsea FC
Net Worth: $1240 million

philip anschutz
Team: Los Angeles Kings, LA Galaxy
Net Worth: $1010 million

Stanley Kroenke
Team: Los Angeles Rams, Arsenal, Denver Nest, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids
Net Worth: $830 million

Brilliant performance of the stock in increasing Ambani’s wealth

The stock of Reliance Industries has gained more than 173 percent in less than 6 months. Last week, the market cap of RIL crossed 16 lakh crores. On March 23, the stock was at a price of Rs 867. At the same time, today i.e. on September 21, it has reached a price of Rs 2250.

Big reasons behind the rise in the stock

Reliance Jio has been a major contributor to RIL’s growth, with an investment of Rs 1.52 lakh crore since March. Reliance Industries (RIL) had announced debt-free on July 19. RIL had set a target of becoming debt free by March 2021, which has been completed 9 months back. RIL has made a profit of Rs 13,248 crore in the first quarter. Retail business and Jio’s performance was also good.

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