Investigation against Google in India, CCI panel said – the search engine is crushing the competition in the market

Google accused of crushing the competition in the market


The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is investigating allegations of alleged violation of competition and restrictive trade rules in the smartphone operating system and related markets against Google. According to the news of Times of India, the world’s largest search engine Google is abusing its very strong position in the market. This has been revealed in the investigation of the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

CCI panel submits 750 page investigation report

The report given by the CCI’s investigative unit after investigating the matter for two years states that Google has been adopting anti-competitive, unfair and restrictive trade practices. CCI’s inquiry panel has found Google India guilty of suppressing innovation and competition. It says that the company is pushing competition and innovation in the market to maintain its dominance in the browser (Chrome), online music (YouTube) app library (Play Store) and many other services.

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Google’s Android operating system captures 98% of the smartphone market

The inquiry panel has questioned Google in this regard. Google’s Android operating system captures 98 percent of the smartphone market. The panel has also questioned Microsoft, Apple, Paytm, Amazon, PhonePe, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Karbonn and Mozilla. The panel has submitted a 750-page report to the CCI. The CCI had ordered an inquiry against Google in April 2019. If the alleged wrongdoing on the part of Google is proved, then strict action can be taken against it. Google is already conducting similar investigations into allegations of violations of anti-trust laws in the US, European Union, Japan and Germany.

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