Indian version of PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India matches announced, winners will get one crore rupees


PUBG Mobile-maker Krafton announces Battlegrounds Mobile India Series: After the launch of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Krafton has now announced the introduction of the Battlegrounds India series (Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021). A reward of up to Rs 1 crore will be given in its matches. According to Krafton, this prize money will be divided among the 16 winning teams of this series. The company has said that a separate website has also been launched for this event. This is the first esports tournament hosted by the company since the launch of Battleground Mobile India on 4 July.

16 teams clash at the end of the three-month-long series

This series will run for three months. Those participating in the game of this series can register for it. Registration will start from 19th July. As far as the model of this series is concerned, there will be five stages in it. 1. In-Game Qualifiers 2. Online Qualifiers 3. Quarter Finals 4. Semi Finals 5. Grand Finals. In-Game Qualifiers will start on 2nd August and will run till 8th August. Online Qualifiers will start from 17th August and will run till 12th September. The quarter-finals will begin on September 16 and end on September 26. The semi-finals and the grand final will take place between 30 September and 10 October.

E-sports tournament of Indian version of PUBG starts, 6 lakhs will be rewarded in BGMI event

Each team will have to play 15 matches in the beginning

Registered players will have to open 15 matches in the in-game qualifier round along with their registered team. The top ten matches will be the basis for the selection of 1024 teams on the basis of performance. These teams will play the matches of the next round of the series. 64 teams will qualify in the quarter finals. 24 teams will be selected for the quarter-finals and 16 teams for the semi-finals. There will be a grand final between them. One crore prize money will be distributed among these teams. Earlier, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) announced its first e-sports event in India. The event is a first for the game’s makers Krafton, when this new game has been re-launched instead of PUBG Mobile. The company announced that the event would be like a showcase.

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