Happy Independence Day: Greetings by sending stickers on WhatsApp, download like this

Happy Independence Day WhatsApp stickers how to download and send itYou can wish Happy Independence Day to your friends and relatives by sending stickers on WhatsApp while sitting at home.


Independence Day WhatsApp Stickers: Today the country is celebrating its 75th Independence Day. Due to the corona virus epidemic this year, people are following social distancing. In such a situation, you can wish Happy Independence Day to your friends and relatives by sending stickers on WhatsApp while sitting at home. It’s very simple.

download from here

To download the Independence Day sticker, WhatsApp users on Android will have to go to the Google Play Store. There they have to search for Independence Day stickers. After searching, you will see some apps on the Play Store in which the gallery of Independence Day stickers will be present. Users can tap on any of the apps displayed on the display and download and install them on their smartphones.

Once the app is installed, open the app. After this, select the sticker as per your choice and then tap on “Add to WhatsApp” or “+” option. You can download any of these apps- Independence Day Sticker for WhatsApp, Independence Day Stickers For WhatsApp : Independence Day.

After downloading, open WhatsApp and go to the emoji of the sticker. Tap on the sticker there and send it to the contact.

Must have android smartphone

Make sure that your WhatsApp is updated with the latest version. Internet connectivity is fine with it. Along with this, you must have an Android smartphone with an active Google account as third party sticker download is not allowed in iOS.

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create your sticker

Apart from this, you can also make your own WhatsApp sticker. For this go to Google Play Store and download ‘Sticker Maker for WhatsApp’. Open the app, tap on ‘Create a new stickerpack’. Then enter the name of the stickerpack along with the name of the creator. After this a tray of icons will open on the screen. Click on it and give necessary permissions to the app. Click ‘Select File’ or ‘Take Photo’ to upload the image. Draw an outline around the image, as you would like to have on the sticker.

Then click on ‘Save Sticker’. After this, you can add as many stickers as you want in the sticker pack. User can create minimum three and maximum 30 stickers in a pack. After doing this, publish the sticker pack. If the user wants to include this pack in his WhatsApp, then he can do so.

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