Fantasy sports team selection requires more skill than mutual fund management: Study

more skills needed for player selection in fantasy sports than mutual fund management says studyResearchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Columbia University have done a study.

Researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Columbia University have done a study. This study has found that a fantasy sports player should be more skilled than a mutual fund manager. The name of this study is ‘Is it luck or skill?’ Is. The study analyzed data from fantasy sports platforms and various mutual funds (2005 to 2018) for cricket and basketball (2013 to 2016).


In this study it is found that luck plays a bigger role in the success of a mutual fund manager than a player of a fantasy game. The study covers more than 16 million data points collected over 4 years.

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This study was conducted by Professor Vishal Mishra of Columbia University, Professor Devvrat Shah of MIT, MIT and Dr. Sudarshan V.S. Ranganathan did it. The study, conducted by researchers at MIT and Columbia University, used a robust statistical framework, the statement said. Through this it has been ascertained whether fantasy sports is a game of luck or skill is also useful.

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Talking about the study, Vishal Mishra, Professor in the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, said that Online Fantasy Sports (OFS) is a rapidly growing industry, especially in India. The OFS industry has from time to time posed a challenge to regulatory bodies across the globe. Do they represent gambling or a game of skill? His mission was to find a scientific solution to this question and to develop a technology that could properly answer this question.

He explained that his analysis includes data from fantasy sports as well as vocations like the stock market – mutual funds, which require significant analysis and research.

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